The Nevada Arts Council invites members of the community to serve as panelists for our grant panels. Serving on a peer-review panel is a powerful learning experience and a valuable contribution to the arts in Nevada. By providing your support to the arts and culture community throughout the state, you are participating in cultural policy in action and gaining insight about the grant making process. Peer review panels include artists, cultural practitioners, arts educators, and arts field professionals who represent diversity in all forms including age, race, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, and heritage. 

HOW IT WORKS: Participating as a grant review panelist is a 2-4 week commitment (depending on the number of applications submitted in the grant category). During this time, panelists will review and score all assigned applications independently using our online grant management system. Then, panelists will participate in an open public meeting to discuss each application and provide final scores (meetings may be held virtually or in-person). After panel meetings are completed, the Nevada Arts Council Board convenes to discuss the grant panel review and to vote on final grant allocations.

Panelists receive an honorarium of $100-$250 per panel day (panel meetings run 1-2 days depending on the number of applications).

Panelists must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be over 18
  • Must be able to independently assess the strengths and weaknesses grant applications based on a grant program’s published review criteria (the number of grant applications varies in each grant category)
  • Must have access to a computer to review applications and all work samples (photos, videos, etc.) through our online system prior to the virtual panel meeting(s)
  • Must be able to take part in up to three (3) mandatory group meetings (one virtual orientation meeting and up to two panel review meetings)
  • Must disclose any conflicts of interest (Panelists are asked to disclose any relationships they have with an applicant or applicant organizations. Having a conflict of interest does not make you ineligible to serve as a panelist; however, during the public panel meeting panelists are asked to abstain from discussion of and voting on any application with which they have a potential conflict of interest.)

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Eligible panelists from the approved panel pool will be contacted by Nevada Arts Council staff to serve on specific grant panels based on programmatic needs. Not all nominees will be selected to serve on the current year’s panels, but the Nevada Arts Council will retain all submissions for consideration for future panels.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.